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Experience Epe Resort

I was in Lagos for 2 weeks in June. Prior to going, I had planned with my fiance (now husband) that we visit a resort in Lagos for a couple of days. We checked out different options online including La Campagne Tropicana, Whispering Palms in Badagry and settled on Epe Resort.

We decided not to go to Whispering Palms because there’s a lot of traffic on the route to Badagry where Whispering Palms is. I had also been to Whispering Palms twice when I was a teenager so I wanted to go somewhere new. La Campagne Tropicana was another attractive option but I just decided not to go there this time. Although, I hope to visit La Campagne Tropicana some other time.

Getting to Epe wasn’t difficult. It was a 2-hour drive from Gbagada (Lagos Mainland) to Epe. There wasn’t a lot of traffic on the way. We got there in the afternoon and settled into our room. The rooms are in small bungalows around the resort. We stayed in the Superior Garden Room. It was large enough for two people. They had larger rooms which were more expensive but we felt that we didn’t need the space in a larger room.

Epe resort bed_miniEpe resort bedroom_mini

Our honeymoon package cost 225 000 naira for 3 nights. The package was all-inclusive so the price covered breakfast, lunch and dinner. We received complimentary wine and a fruit basket on arrival. Their food was good. We ate a lot of snails, prawns and fish. Epe is by water so it’s known as a great place to get seafood.

It was the rainy season when we visited so we had to be indoors on some days. We went swimming once as they have an outdoor swimming pool. They have a tennis court and space for football. I didn’t do any of the other things because I’m a couch potato.

In general, I would recommend staying at Epe Resort if you’re looking for somewhere relaxing to stay. I spoke about my experience at Epe and showed some clips of the resort in my YouTube video below.

VLOG: Nigerian Wedding at Pinewood Studios in Buckinghamshire

I attended a wedding with my family in Buckinghamshire on the May 2 Bank holiday weekend. The wedding was at Heatherden Hall in Pinewood Studios, the production home of many films including Star Wars and James Bond movies.  I’d never been to Buckinghamshire so I didn’t pay attention to the location of the venue when I saw the invitation card. Well, I googled how I needed to get there and that was it. It was when I got there that it dawned upon me that I was at a major British TV and film studio.

We stayed at Pinewood Hotel and that was where I got ready. I couldn’t travel from London in my heels and outfit. 
I recorded a vlog on my time there. There was a lot of dancing and party food, but didn’t record the food for you. 
The wedding was also featured on Bellanaija