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On Travelling Light as a Young Woman

You know those times when you pack your makeup bag with all your makeup products for one weekend and wonder why your travelling bag is heavy. I’ve come to realise that I don’t need so many products on a weekend away.  I tend to wear eyeliner, mascara and a bold lipstick as my typical everyday makeup look so those are the only makeup products I take with me. The only time I take my products for a full made up face is when I’m going for a wedding or an event. I know not everyone will be able to do with just 3-4 items but “do you boo.”(Side note: my cousin questions my ability to wear lipstick without any foundation. She said I can get away with it because I wear bold lip colours and she has advised me to never wear a nude lip colour without foundation).

On holiday in Skegness wearing lipstick and mascara. I can’t be carrying many makeup products. Who is looking at me? 

When I’m done with sorting out my makeup, I move on to my hair. I have  to plan well when my hair is out. Do I need to take my leave-in conditioner with me? The last time I travelled down to London, I moisturised my hair before travelling so I wouldn’t have to for the next couple of days. I was staying over at my cousins’ that weekend so if my hair got dry, I could always ask them for a moisturiser. 

Then what would I read while I’m away? I have to take a book with me. If my book is too big and I don’t want to take it with me, I reread one of my kindle books on my phone. My favourite hard copy books to take with me while travelling are my Ankara Press novels, They are small in size and fit and I feel like I’m carrying nothing when I have one with me. I didn’t think twice when I put one of their novels- Black Sparkle Romance in my overnight bag when I last travelled to London  because it wasn’t going to be a burden for me to carry.

Train ride to London with my novel and overnight bag

My hair is sorted. Books are sorted and makeup, I gatchu but what about my clothes. My grandma would say, “you only need one pair of trousers and two tops for your break.” That advice wasn’t for me. I would take clothes I don’t need and end up staring at them and questioning why I brought them. In winter, packing gets tougher because of the thick clothes I wear during that season that fill my bag in no time. However, I’ve learnt to manage this. No need for five jumpers just because I’m going away for a week.

On holiday in Skegness last autumn

I would end with my favourite excerpt on travelling from a novel, From Pasta to Pigfoot.  It’s a scene where the main character, Faye is travelling from Ghana to London and there are a lot of people travelling with huge amounts of luggage.

“‘Dad, have you seen the amount of luggage some people are taking?’…Directly in front of them, a young couple had two trolleys, each laden with suitcases, canvas tote bags and cardboard boxes firmly secured with masking tape. The woman was carrying a handbag on top of an even larger shoulder bag while trying to push a smaller wheeled suitcase… When Ghanaians are returning home, they always take huge amounts of luggage.”– From Pasta to Pigfoot by Frances Mensah Williams

Do you find travelling light difficult or easy? 

Christmas at Winter Wonderland

When it’s the holidays, I start thinking of how to make the most of my time before I have to go back to normal life. This year, I’m spending Christmas in England with my family. A lot of my family have travelled across the seas to spend the holidays so it feels weird spending the bulk of the holiday sleeping and staying at home.
Yesterday, we decided to go to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, London. This was my first time going to Winter Wonderland and I got there in the evening and did not stay for very long. I do not like going on scary rides; I get scared even on some of the milder ones. I only went in the bumper cars. I was reluctant at first to ride the bumper cars because I had done this many times and wanted to try something else. In the end, I only went in the bumper cars and didn’t go on any other rides.
There was a lot of food being sold and my friend bought Chinese stir-fried noodles. I wondered if it was junk food and she said it was spaghetti and chicken so not junk food. If you are interested in knowing if the Chinese take-away you’re consuming is junk food, you can read this page here by the NHS. Junk food or no junk food, I had mini pancakes and a grilled chicken skewer. I said I was “treating” myself; the #fitfam life was on a break.
I really enjoyed going even though I didn’t go any rides and I would strongly recommend going if you’re looking for a place to go with bae, family or friends. If you go, don’t forget to withdraw cash as it costs more to use the cash points at Winter Wonderland and look after your personal possessions there. You don’t want to leave knowing your phone got stolen there. 
Have a Merry Christmas