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I learnt how to skip on YouTube! The Benefit of Online How-to Tutorials

I used to skip on one leg and wondered why I didn’t know how to skip with both legs. Then, I thought where I could learn to skip? YouTube! I doubted if there would be an online tutorial on skipping  since it’s just learning how to jump over a rope but found that YouTube had a couple of tutorials. I selected one and watched it.

My skipping rope


The video motivated me, gave me tips on how to skip and explained why skipping is good for my health. I grabbed my trainers and skipping rope and went outside to skip. I tried using the tips for the tutorial and struggled at first but I kept trying. One thing YouTube tutorials have taught me is the importance of practice. I know how to skip with both legs now but I keep practising in order to get better. I used to think I would watch a tutorial once and know how to do the exact thing a YouTuber does in one attempt.

If you don’t get it the first time, try again. It’s not just YouTube tutorials but even recipes I’ve tried online. Things may go wrong the first time but you never know it may get better the second time. When things go south, you can still enjoy the results that you created. It doesn’t have to be perfect.  

This tweet reflects what happens when you’re expecting a perfect style after watching a hair tutorial and the results are disappointing. However, we keep going regardless of the results

What is your favourite online tutorial and what’s it about?

Photo credit: Naturallytemi (Instagram)

How Saving Became A Priority For Me

I didn’t start saving till I was twenty and I started by putting coins into a tin. Then, I moved on to saving in a bank account. Saving seemed like a way for me to prepare financially for large expenses- like going on a holiday or as a backup for tight times. My mindset on saving changed while listening to a podcast where Arese Ugwu, a personal finance expert spoke about how saving can help with generating income. This helped me understand that saving isn’t just a way for me to store money for experiences or purchases that depreciate or end the minute the experience is over. For example,  the money I spend on a holiday ends once I return from the holiday. Meanwhile, I can invest in property or other assets that can generate income.

This doesn’t mean I won’t spend part of my savings on a holiday or on other things. It’s just that now I plan to allocate my savings in a way that adds value to me financially and I can still have treats from time to time. Saving requires that I control how I spend. I created a budget for the first time over Christmas and failed at following it but I hope to try again. Having a mental budget is what I run with now but I want it to be more concrete. In the mean time, I’ll remember that “there’s rice at home” so as to control my spending on takeaway or eating out. 

Fashion- An industry that can shape the Nigerian Image

On social media, there has been the hashtag #buyNigerian. The hash tag is self-explanatory- it encourages people to buy Nigerian products. The recently concluded Lagos Fashion and Design Week brought the “buy Nigerian” thought back to my mind. Looking at pictures of models strutting in clothing designed by Nigerian designers such as Maki Oh and Zainab Ashadu highlighted the viability of patronising Nigerian fashion labels. These fashion brands not only appeal to the Nigerian market, they are also attracting international attention as featured on Vogue and Business of Fashion.
I love the rise of Nigerian brands because it is a way of growing local talent and indigenous companies.We can only look to the future to see the positive impact these businesses would have on the Nigerian economy in terms of its creation of jobs and income. The British fashion industry contributed £26bn to the UK GDP and supporting the Nigerian fashion industry could provide generous contributions to the Nigerian GDP.
It is time that Nigeria is seen not just as a major oil producer or a country where there is conflict in the Northern parts of Nigeria. Not to say that these images are not valid, but there is more to Nigeria. There is a growing fashion industry in Nigeria and this should be recognised. Not everyday, bad news about Nigeria, some days lets celebrate the successes in Nigeria. 
I can only hope that the Nigerian government supports this industry by developing the country’s infrastructure- power supply, transport links… so that Nigerian fashion businesses can thrive. E-commerce fashion businesses in Nigeria would benefit from well-managed postal services as this may lower their delivery costs. Lower delivery costs could mean cheaper prices. I know I am not always willing to pay a lot for delivery when I buy things online so I am sure that there would people like me who would be willing to pay less for delivery and receive their the goods they purchase on line on time.

I would love to see this industry grow and I hope to patronise Nigerian fashion brands more because of what they stand for in the African market places.

Day out in London with friends

I met up with two of my friends, Anita and Benita from secondary school yesterday. I had not seen them in about three or four years. They messaged me that they were in London on holiday and would love to meet up. I planned that we would go to the Museum of London Docklands as I had enjoyed going to the Bristol Museum and Art Gallery and Red Lodge museum in Bristol with my friend, Eniola.

Eniola kissing a Nigerian sculpture at the Bristol Museum- I was the photographer

 Eniola and I at the Red Lodge Museum
I was no longer in Bristol so I met up with my friends in London.  The station we met at was close to to Canary Wharf and given as we were hungry at the time, we went looking for a restaurant. We decided to eat at Gourmet Burger Kitchen. We had lovely burgers wth fries and were filled up. I was a bit concerned that everything in Canary Wharf would be expensive because of how posh the area is but the meal we had was not too pricey. 

My lovely friend eating

My friends wanted to buy a few things so when we finished our meal, we spent some time shopping at Boots. We ended up not going to the museum as it was dark and we did not want to spend time looking for the museum. We had already spent a long time looking for a restaurant to eat in the afternoon before we got to GBK and we did not want to look for another place again. We spent the rest of the time talking and taking pictures. 

My friends had never been to Canary Wharf and it was nice showing them a different part of London. It was lovely catching up with my friends as I enjoy going out with friends. For me, it’s not about what we get to do or where we go when we meet up. It is more about the fun of being with my friends. I do not get to see any of my friends regularly as we live in different places but when we happen to be in the same city, I try to make time to see them.