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Lessons from a Fire Accident

I was in a taxi one morning and the taxi driver was telling me about a fire incident that happened close to where he was dropping me. The next thing I was overwhelmed with tears and started crying. The taxi driver must have been wondering what was wrong with me. The day before, I had returned from uni to find that my student accommodation had been destroyed in a fire in Nottingham. 

Part of the building that burnt in the fire

This was me taking pictures in the corridor of student accommodation a day before it was destroyed in the fire. Little did I know that the morning I left the building would be my last day inside.
Till today, I do not know what caused the fire. A lady who works with the fire services told me the major causes of fires in student accommodation buildings were cooking and candles. Leaving candles and cooking unattended is a fire hazard. Please make sure you supervise your cooking and do not leave candles around things that can easily catch fire. In homes where there are smokers, one can use ash trays with a little water to put out the fire in the cigarette. 
I know some of us think that we can never experience a fire accident. Prior to the incident, I only read about fires in newspapers and I thought this was something that happened in faraway places but this experience made me so aware of taking precautions to prevent a fire accident. Educate your loved ones about how to prevent fires. I may not have caused the fire in my student accommodation but I lost all my things in the fire apart from what I was wearing and holding on that day. It is expensive losing your things in a fire, I can tell you that. However it is more costly losing a life in a fire because you cannot buy a life in Tesco. 
*If you live in England and a fire accident occurs, call 999