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The Rise of the Anonymous Commenter

Why is her hair like this, ehn? Is she not a celebrity, can she not afford the asoebi for this wedding? And the list goes on… Today, people sit behind their mobile and computer devices and make negative comments about others on blogs, online forums and YouTube. Is it because we cannot see you, you decide to say whatever?

Before you think I’m forming stories, let me give you an example. This is from one of my favourite the sites I read a lot, BellaNaija. They had a feature on Deola Sagoe, a famous Nigerian fashion designer and the feature showed her with one of her employees, a non-Nigerian woman. I didn’t even notice the race of the employee until I began to read the comments. The feature also had a video but I did not watch it because at the time I had no internet to watch it- the struggles of a young lady who manages her mobile internet.
Anyway, back to the story. Some people complained about the fact that she was not employing Nigerian workers and how if Nigerian workers were not skilled enough, she could train them. Other things were said about her company has a corporate social responsibility to hire Nigerian workers but these comments were made in a negative way. Are you people the ones paying for the workers? I understand that there is a high rate of unemployment in Nigeria and it would beneficial if Nigerian businesses could recruit workers who are under-employed or unemployed and have the required skills to work for them. For all we know or care, Deola Sagoe may employ many Nigerian workers and we may not know because the post and video may not have reflected the true representation of the nationalities of her employees.

This story is just one of many. Let me know your thoughts on anonymity and how people use that to say negative things.