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Top 6 Podcast Recommendations

Listening to podcasts reminds me of listening to the radio. The major difference being that anyone can start a podcast while being on air at a radio station involves formal procedures. There was a time I wanted to delete the podcasts app on my phone because I never used it but I was unable to. The podcasts app is in-built on my phone. I started listening to podcasts when I realised that some bloggers behind the blogs I read had podcasts.

Today, I decided to share six of my favourite podcasts.

1) This Afropolitan Life: It is hosted by Clarissa Bannor, a Ghanaian-American. I discovered her podcast while reading one of her articles on She Leads Africa. She included her site in her bio on the platform. I checked it out and saw that she interviewed an actress from a web series I love, An African City. The actress she interviewed was Maame Adjei and I listened to it. From then, I’ve been a regular listener to Clarissa’s podcasts. She focuses on the stories and experiences of Africans both in the diaspora and on the continent. One of my favourite episodes was on weddings. She had an events planner, Maame on the show and they spoke about planning an African wedding. Maame mentioned how brides would see something pretty on Instagram and would only want to pay $500 for that beautiful thing they saw on Insta. If you want the fancy decor you saw on Pinterest, you have to pay for it.

Clarissa is vegan and she had an episode on being vegan and African. One of Clarissa’s friends was on the podcast and she’s vegan too. It was interesting to hear what it’s like being vegan in a household where all your family members are eating jollof rice (which has meat stock) and fried fish at a family gathering.

2) The Pool: They have episodes such as Dear Viv which is like an agony aunty show. People send in questions like- what happens when you move in with your homeowner boyfriend and you break up. They also interview authors so I listen to them for book recommendations. They interviewed Kit de Waal, the author of My Name is Leon and immediately I was sold on reading her book. It’s on my Goodreads list now. It’s a book about a boy who is mixed race and comes from a poor family. The story explores how it can be difficult for young black boys to be adopted. Leon has a younger half- brother who is white and he got adopted but Leon wasn’t.

3) The Pandolly Podcast: This is a popular culture, fashion and entertainment podcast hosted by two British ladies, Pandora Sykes and Dolly Alderton. It’s the Sunday Times Style podcast. On one of the podcasts, they spoke how much they had stalked a wedding on social media. Then, they saw one of the guests at that wedding in real life and they were about to say hello. They then realised that they didn’t know the guest.However, because they had looked at the wedding pictures a lot, they felt for a moment that they knew the guest. Dolly and Pandora are interesting to listen to so check them out.

4) Ctrl Alt Delete: This is hosted by Emma Gannon, who is a British blogger, author and podcaster. Her podcast has the same name as her book. I think that was a brilliant marketing strategy as the name of her book sticks quickly in people’s mind once you begin to listen to her. She has had popular YouTubers- Zoella and Tanya Burr as guests on her podcast. It’s interesting how social media has shaped people’s careers and lives. My little cousin once told me, he wants to be a YouTuber. Social media has changed our aspirations and Emma talks about how lives are different now that we are online a lot more.

5) Not Your African Cliche(NYAC): Four young Nigerian ladies run this podcast. I like that I can relate to their discussions. Their latest episode was about going back to school and they shared their memories of returning to boarding school in Nigeria after the holidays. It brought back many memories for me. They mentioned how people felt under pressure to say they went abroad (when they didn’t go) during their summer holidays in order to fit in. One of my memories of returning to secondary school after the holidays was ironing my clothes and hanging them in the car, rather than folding them in  my suitcase so they would not get rumpled. I remember going to the tailor and telling how many house wears I needed for school. Also, I always had tummy ache on resumption day because I didn’t want to go to school. I really identify with NYAC podcast and if you’re looking for a podcast where you get to hear the voice of young Nigerians, NYAC would be my top recommendation

6) MyTaughtYou: This is hosted by Myleik Teele, who is the founder of Curlbox, a beauty subscription service in the US. Myleik is really down to earth and she says it as it is. She answers questions from listeners and shares her experiences as an entrepreneur in the natural haircare industry. I like that she not only runs Curlbox but she connects with people in a different way through running her podcast.

In all, podcasts allow me to discover the world in a different way. One minute, I’m listening to a podcast about weddings and the next minute I’m listening to a podcast on whether Pippa Middleton is a socialite or not. I like stories so I think that’s part of the reason why I love podcasts.

Do let me know in the comments if you listen to podcasts and which ones you recommend.

Photo Credit: This Afropolitan Life, Emma Gannon, Myleik, The Pool, The Pandolly Podcast and Not Your African Cliche.