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Is hair important?

Growing up as a girl in Nigeria my mother used to take me to the hair dresser’s at weekends to get my hair plaited. I would tell the hair stylist that I wanted my hair plaited in an all-back style (cornrows plaited to the back) and say I wanted a side or middle parting in the front. At the time I did not know about the natural hair industry. All I knew were the Dark and Lovely relaxers, Soul Mate and Apple hair creams. Little did I know that in my late teen and adult years, there would be a sudden rise of the natural hair industry.

A picture illustration of one of the styles I had when I was little. 

In 2011, I was on the internet searching for options on how to manage my hair and came across pictures of ladies with hair which was not chemically relaxed. I did not know then that it was termed natural hair. As I learnt more about this hair type, I found several bloggers who created hair care and styling tutorials such as Naptural85 and Care For Your Hair. I would spend time watching these tutorials soaking the information on how to care for my hair. Some of the products American hair bloggers mentioned in their videos were not easy for me to access. I would then say to myself, “ladies with natural hair in the United States have it easy” because I thought most of the products were accessible in the States. I am actually not sure if they have it easy.

One of the brands which I felt was popular in the States, Shea Moisture recently started offering their products at Boots in England. I was excited knowing that I can now enjoy Shea Moisture products that our American sisters have been enjoying for years. I had to share my joy about this so I messaged a friend to let her know the good news. Shea Moisture is not new to England as local beauty supply stores in England have been selling Shea Moisture products but they sold them at a high price. I never bought these products from them because I felt they were too expensive. I am not exactly sure if Boots is selling them at a much cheaper price but I love the convenience of working into my local Boots store and finding some Shea Moisture goodness to feed my hair.

You may wonder why I decided to talk about hair. I feel it is important to many women and the level of its importance is evident in the amount of money women spend on hair care products, extensions and accessories. I recently spent about four hours last Sunday washing my hair and sitting in a hair salon as the stylist styled my hair into kinky twists. If it was not important, would I have sat in the salon or bothered to wake up early to wash my hair? Maybe not.

My Love for YouTube and Blogs

When I was a child, I don’t remember hearing about YouTube and blogs so would never have dreamt that this was something I would enjoy using. I love reading blogs and it all started from reading BellaNaija, a few years ago. I know BellaNaija may not be seen as a blog but that’s what I saw it as. My interest in reading blogs such as SisiYemmie and watching YouTube videos by Patricia Bright and Shameless Maya opened my eyes to the fact that there’s a world out there beyond the one in which I live in. 

I remember watching YouTube makeup tutorials and thinking I don’t even apply makeup that much. Little did I know that one day, I would have an interest in understanding the beauty industry from the business angle. These tutorials also make you think of buying beauty products that you don’t need. However, I like to believe that we can always exercise self-control and buy products based on our knowledge of our bank balance. I can only say don’t be persuaded to buy products you see in a product haul on YouTube when you know you can’t afford it. That’s my two cents on that.