Money Tips I Learnt From Podcasts

The first time I came across a podcast that discussed money was in Startup from Gimlet Media. The host, Alex Blumberg was trying to raise money to fund his podcast company- Gimlet. He recorded the conversation he had with investors and part of the pitch wasn’t going very well. I remember wondering what financial decisions Alex when leaving his radio job to start a podcast company on his own.

Money is a difficult subject. You have to plan how much to spend, save and give. Today is Black Friday and a lot of shops are offering discounts and I felt today is a good day to talk about money. It’s a day where we make decisions on whether buying that thing at a good discount is worth it.

While planning my money in the last few days, I’ve been thinking of the financial lessons I’ve learnt from podcasts. I’m still not very good at money but I think I’ve learnt a thing or two.

  • Check your bank balance regularly. I avoided checking bank balance often even though I have my bank’s app on my phone. Perhaps, I was scared of what I’d find there. But, now I check it often to help me know what I really have so I can plan.       -The episode on Money on Ctrl Alt Delete by Emma Gannon.

Money Emma Gannon

  • Hold cash. When I pay for things with my card, I can’t see the physical money going out. But, holding cash can help with knowing that money is actually leaving. Also, I can set a budget that when the cash is gone that’s the end of my spending.                  -Her Money with Jean Chatzkyhermoney jean chatzky_mini

If you’re interested in more podcast episodes about money, there’s a great episode on home ownership by Renay Richardson from That’s When You Get a Dog (it’s not a podcast about dogs). Renay talks with a few young women on her podcast on home ownership and what their experience has been like. There’s the idea that millennials are too busy buying avocado toast so we don’t think about owning a home. But, that’s not true.

Let me know if there are any money podcasts that you enjoy. Have a lovely weekend.

Photo Credit: Emma Gannon and Jean Chatzky

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