What I’ve Loved Lately… September

There are times when you find a book or a podcast and they stick with you for a long time. I shared a few of these things I’ve liked recently in this post.


Rabbit: A Memoir by Patricia Williams

I discovered Rabbit while browsing through my local library and had never heard of Patricia Williams before seeing her book. It’s a memoir where Patricia Williams, a comedian writes about what it’s like being poor, female and black in America. She talks about her childhood with her mother who was an alcoholic and didn’t work. Patricia had two children by the time she was 15. She ended up being a drug dealer to support herself.

Rabbit cover_mini

Her story covers how she was able to break the cycle of poverty in her life. I liked that it showed how the support she received from others helped her move up in life. She doesn’t aim to speak for all young black women but shares her experience growing up in a poor household.

It’s emotional but it’s definitely worth your time. I found it hard to drop when it was time for me to go to bed. That’s how much I enjoyed the story.


The Starbury episode from NPR’s Planet Money podcast

It’s about a basketball player who decides to endorse sneakers that are much cheaper than the typical sneakers, athletes endorse. When Michael Jordan’s name is attached to a pair of sneakers, they sell for a much higher price. The episode explores whether customers respond the same way when they see sneakers that are much cheaper but claim to have the same quality as higher priced shoes.

I’m fascinated by how products vary in price when a brand’s name is attached to it so I was drawn to this episode.

An interview with the founders of Mented Cosmetics on Side Hustle Pro

Mented Cosmetics is a new company that currently offers nude lipsticks and nude nail colours. They aim to make it easier for women of colour to find their ideal nude lipstick or nail shades. They shared how they came up with the idea to start their company and their experience growing Mented Cosmetics.

I’ve been searching for a nude lipstick to match my skin tone so I was attracted to their brand. Most nude lip tutorials for women of colour tend to involve women applying multiple lip products and I don’t want to buy three lip products before I achieve the nude lip look I want. I’ve only worn nude lipstick once and that was for my traditional wedding. My makeup artist definitely used at least three lip products to achieve the look – a lip pencil, a lipstick and a lip gloss.

Yoruba bride

But, I don’t have time to do that on a regular day. Mented Cosmetics fills a needed gap because you can wear the lipsticks on their own. Their lipsticks are also moisturising which is what I look for in a lipstick. I couldn’t find any UK retailers for their products so I won’t be buying any of their lipsticks yet.

Those are a few things I’ve enjoyed reading or listening to recently. Let me know if there are any books or podcasts you currently like.




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