Book Review: Love Me Unconditionally by Ola Awonubi

Love Me Unconditionally is a romance novel set in Lagos and London. It’s about a lady in her thirties known as Deola, who has been a long-term relationship. Her boyfriend promises her marriage if she can get pregnant for him. However, she doesn’t get pregnant so that puts strains on their relationship. The relationship ends on a sad note and Deola has to move on from it.

Ola Awonubi novel

She decides she needs a change of scenery so she moves to Lagos. As Deola is in her thirties, she faces pressure from her mother to get married and her family tries to set up with potential suitors. The novel follows her time in Lagos and whether she’s able to find love again.

There’s a full review of the novel on my YouTube channel.

*Love Me Unconditionally was kindly sent to me by the author, Ola Awonubi. However, all views are mine. You can find the book on Okada Books and on Amazon.

4 thoughts on “Book Review: Love Me Unconditionally by Ola Awonubi

  1. Darkowaa

    I’ll have to watch the youtube review then. I like Ankara Press books, just kinda wish they varied in location of the story lines. Not everyday South Africa and Lagos lol. But they are decent chick lit reads!

    1. Tunrayo Post author

      Lol. A lot of their books are set in Nigeria or South Africa. It may be because of the writers that they have. If I were a writer, I wouldn’t want to write a story in the United States because I have never been to the US.

      I think the only romance novel by an African writer that I’ve read that’s set outside of Lagos is From Pasta to Pigfoot. That was the novel that made me love Jacaranda Books.

      1. Darkowaa

        Right. I hope they seek out writers from other countries. What about more from Ghana, Rwanda, Liberia, Uganda etc? There have to be some romance writers available there… when I reviewed 2 of Ankara Press’s books last year, I suggested they also look into some male and LGBTGI romance writers as well; something different from the same fairytale storylines romance fiction delivers (IMO lol). Jacaranda Books blew me away with Pede Hollist’s novel! I’m yet to read Frances Mensa Williams’s work (set in UK and Accra I hear…). Omg I didn’t know From Pasta to Pigfoot was a romance novel :/. I read reviews about how there is romance, but I didn’t know it dominated the whole book for it to be in the romance genre. Interesting!

      2. Tunrayo Post author

        There’s a section at the end of each Ankara Press novel that asks for writers. I’m sure if writers from different countries sent work that appealed to Ankara Press, they might publish them. I read a lot of Mills and Boons novels when I was growing up and I don’t remember any having male writers. I think it’s less of a male thing to write romance.
        There’s romance in From Pasta to Pigfoot. Romance novels are usually small in size but From Pasta to Pigfoot is larger than the typical romance novel. Pede Hollist’s novel was the first book I read from Jacaranda but I preferred From Pasta to Pigfoot.

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