Social Media: Making and Maintaining Friendships

July was a month of catching up with friends so I thought I would write about social media and friendships. I joined Facebook in 2008 and since then I’ve gone on to join other platforms. In 2011, I created a Twitter account because everyone kept talking about tweeting and having an avatar (Twitter’s way of saying a profile picture) but I deleted the Twitter app on my phone because I wasn’t using it. I didn’t know why I needed a Twitter account since I had Facebook but now I know better. Twitter has become one of my favourite social media platforms as I get to keep up with the world through my account (P.S. follow me on Twitter @tunrayo_akande if you haven’t already). If you ever wonder where I discover the book events I attend, it’s on Twitter.

Through Twitter, I met the lovely Kachi from I tweeted at a company Chuku’s because I wanted to try out their food and needed to know their prices. Chuku’s make Nigerian food in Tapas style. Kachi saw that I was interested in going to Chuku’s and we ended up going together. Yay to making new friends on social media. 

Kachi and I
Food from Chuku’s
Beyond meeting new people on social media, I get to keep in touch with my old friends. I was on Snapchat talking to my friend, Funmiloye who I hadn’t seen in 3 years. I saw a snap about her on holiday and decided to ask her about it. We got talking and she told me she was having a barbecue in London and asked if I was able to come. Of course, a girl never turns down a barbecue and that was how we met up. What I love about Snapchat is that if I see a snap, I can easily communicate with my friend based on their snaps rather than having to think of what to say.
Funmiloye and I

I got to see a couple of my other friends in July as well. I saw my friend from A Levels, Yatta in Birmingham. We hadn’t seen since our first year at uni and I happened to be in Birmingham for a graduation so I thought let me just message her and see if she’s free. She was so we spent the evening together.

With Yatta in Birmingham

Two of my friends from university got married so I caught up with my uni friends too.

My parents once said my generation could keep in touch better with our friends because we have social media. My mum added that regardless of whether you have social media, you still need to make the effort to use it to connect with your friends through messaging from time to time.

So let me end with some advice to you and myself that requires just a little bit of effort. Call your friends today. It’s not when you need something that you remember to call them. When you can, meet up with them. Social media is great but nothing beats seeing friends in real life. 

4 thoughts on “Social Media: Making and Maintaining Friendships

  1. Tunrayo A.

    Aww. I heard he went to Nottingham too but I think he graduated just before I got in. Their food is good. It's in tapas style so it was small portions of things so you could try different things. I liked that it was quite relaxed. I went on a Friday evening so it was a good way to relax after a long week.


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