Baking With Daisy from Daisy Brydon Creations

On a morning in May, I had an appointment at an office but it was closed when I got there. Daisy’s bakery was close by and it was raining so I asked Daisy if I could stay in her bakery. I ended up spending my day in Daisy’s bakery.   
Given that I was with her for awhile, I was interested in how Daisy started her business and I asked her questions about it.  Daisy was an actress but was suffering from insomnia and depression. To cope with this, she started baking in the evenings when she got back from acting. She had a mentor who advised that he couldn’t help with acting. He asked if there was anything else she did and Daisy said “I kinda bake.” That was the beginning of the business and she started the business in her grandmother’s kitchen. There were challenges she faced at the start such as figuring out profit margins and turnover. Her bakery has grown since then and she’s moved the bakery out of her grandmother’s kitchen. Her bakery business has been running for four years.

Watching Daisy work made me realise how baking and cake designs require creativity. Daisy specialises in creating sculpture cakes and is able to show her creativity through her cake designs and recipes. She taught me how to make vanilla biscuits as she makes biscuits for her customers. I thought people only bought biscuits from supermarkets and the like. Apparently, clients sometimes want customised biscuits.

Staying in Daisy’s bakery reminded me of my mum’s bakery in Lagos. My mum is also a baker and has been running her business for about 20 years. When I was younger, I helped out a bit in the bakery but never learnt how to bake anything from start to finish. As I’ve grown older, I’ve developed more interest in baking and running a small business like my mother’s.

Going back to Daisy’s, her cupcakes are amazing. I tried her carrot cupcakes with Italian Meringue icing. The icing is quite light so it didn’t feel heavy.

You can check out Daisy’s work on Instagram at @daisybcreations and she’s recently launched a new product- Whoopie Pies and you can check out her Whoopie Pie Instagram account @whoopsiedaisybakery 

My mum’s business is on Instagram at @cakesetcetera_bakery and she’s available for orders in Lagos. 

2 thoughts on “Baking With Daisy from Daisy Brydon Creations

  1. Tunrayo A.

    I didn't know people wanted biscuits o. Kachi, i thought we only bought digestive biscuits and others in shops. When I tell people how I met Daisy, I still find it interesting.


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