Is the beef in a McDonald’s burger real beef? My relationship with McDonald’s

I was on YouTube about to watch a video, when a McDonald’s advert popped up on my screen. Usually, I click the skip the ad button but something on the advert made me stay to see what it was about. It was McDonald’s letting me know that the eggs in their McMuffins are real eggs. People had been questioning if the eggs were real and the company decided to respond to these queries. I have questioned the quality of their meat. Is it real meat or are they mashing different parts of a cow as meat for me? McDonald’s let me know that their eggschicken and beef are real so I don’t have to worry about the quality of their products when next I step into any of their outlets. 
The issue is I don’t know when next I will be stepping into McDonalds. I wasn’t enjoying the meals I bought from them so I stopped going. A while back, I went shopping on Oxford Street with my cousin and we decided to go to McDonalds’ because we were hungry. My cousin said she wasn’t getting a beef burger because since she started eating burgers from the “better burger” chains (I’m guessing the likes of Gourmet Burger Kitchen and Five Guys), she preferred their burgers to the ones from McDonald’s. 
This was from a gourmet burger chain so a ‘posh’ burger.
Now, McDonald’s have released a premium selection of burgers in some of their outlets in the UK to compete against gourmet burger chains such as Five Guys and Shake Shack. Will I be going back to McDonald’s to try their new premium burgers? I don’t know. Or will I be sticking with gourmet burger chains?

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