Day out in London with friends

I met up with two of my friends, Anita and Benita from secondary school yesterday. I had not seen them in about three or four years. They messaged me that they were in London on holiday and would love to meet up. I planned that we would go to the Museum of London Docklands as I had enjoyed going to the Bristol Museum and Art Gallery and Red Lodge museum in Bristol with my friend, Eniola.

Eniola kissing a Nigerian sculpture at the Bristol Museum- I was the photographer

 Eniola and I at the Red Lodge Museum
I was no longer in Bristol so I met up with my friends in London.  The station we met at was close to to Canary Wharf and given as we were hungry at the time, we went looking for a restaurant. We decided to eat at Gourmet Burger Kitchen. We had lovely burgers wth fries and were filled up. I was a bit concerned that everything in Canary Wharf would be expensive because of how posh the area is but the meal we had was not too pricey. 

My lovely friend eating

My friends wanted to buy a few things so when we finished our meal, we spent some time shopping at Boots. We ended up not going to the museum as it was dark and we did not want to spend time looking for the museum. We had already spent a long time looking for a restaurant to eat in the afternoon before we got to GBK and we did not want to look for another place again. We spent the rest of the time talking and taking pictures. 

My friends had never been to Canary Wharf and it was nice showing them a different part of London. It was lovely catching up with my friends as I enjoy going out with friends. For me, it’s not about what we get to do or where we go when we meet up. It is more about the fun of being with my friends. I do not get to see any of my friends regularly as we live in different places but when we happen to be in the same city, I try to make time to see them.

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